Our Vision

Nilo it's you. And your friend. And the one who created this website. And the one who sews our sandals. And the one who helped us with something someday.

It's everyone who makes this possible. We are Nilo for creating it and you are Nilo for making it grow and viable. Whether you wear a pair of Nilo sandals, or our way living identifies you, you are part of the team.

Do you want to join Nilo team?

Nilo is not a sandal,
Nilo is the way we walk through life.


Inspired in Africa. Concretely, Egipt, too much warm?
However, everything that surrounds river Nilo is fertil and fresh, as our sandals are: for those days of sun, fresh and comfy.
What does our logo inspire you? Maybe Egipt pyramids?

"We create sandals with freedom sensation.
That's why freedom starts in your feet.
How did you pretend to start walking if your feet were captured?"

What do we offer?

The Nilo Originals

The sandals that saw us born. Made with strips of viscose fabric that provide the possibility of tying them in hundred of different ways.

And you, how are you different?

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Of course, our flagship product. The most valuable and the one that costs the least.

In Nilo, not everything was going to be comfort and style, we also bring you a lot of fun and joy.

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Nilo is committed to design and manufacture in Spain.
We design our sandals in Madrid and we manufacture them in Alicante.
In addition, we believe in fair trade, so we do not skimp on expenses so as not to fall into labor exploitation. For this, we guarantee the rights of workers.


Ability to make several designs in a single sandal.

Exclusive & Original

It is a unique, innovative and original design never made before.


We design and create our sandals in Spain.

We are commited with the environment

We are a brand that is responsible and commited with the environment. We believe there is a problem in the world and its affecting us all. For this reason, we take measures and contribute with the minimun we can.


We work with synthetic leather and recyclable materials.
In addition, we avoid to the maximum extent the use of plastic in our packaging.

How to tie the Nilo sandals?

Find out how to tie the most fashion sandals for spring and summer in just 5 steps.

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