How can I make the most of my shoe?

The main characteristic of the product is its versatility due to the great variety of ways of tying it. New ways of knotting are constantly published on our social networks and there are videos showing how to do it. For inquiries of this type we refer you to our contact page or our social networks.

How do I know what my size is?

The most normal thing is that the size of our sandals matches your usual shoe size. In any case, note that within the product page, once the size has been selected, in the “Additional Information” section the length, width and height, respectively, and in centimeters are shown. The length corresponds to the measurement of the tip of the sandal to the heel of the plant and the width corresponds to the maximum width of the shoe. Compare it with the size of your shoes for greater security.

Is it safe to buy from this website?

It is completely safe, not because we say it. We take very seriously the protection of your most sensitive information when making a purchase so look in the top bar of your browser, on the left side of the URL, and you will see a padlock that certifies that this is a secure website

How do I make the payment?

On the “Finish Purchase” page, once you have the desired products in the cart, click on the “Purchase” button. Even if you do not have PayPal this will take you to a page that will give you the option to pay by card. If I want to return or change my purchase, we are convinced that if you try the product you will be convinced of the good purchase you have made and if you have followed our recommendation in terms of sizes, everything will be great.

However, if you would like to return the product or make a change in size, we are committed to take charge of all costs arising from that return or change of size. Contact us through or social networks (at the foot of the page or on the right margin). We would like to remind you that not all the ways of tying the fabric strips are valid for any foot.

There are ways to tie the shoe valid for one type of foot and not valid for another since, depends on the physiognomy of each of these. In any case, do not worry, there are different ways for any foot.

How long will it take to get my order?

The shipment should be delivered before 72 hours after the order is produced. The delay time will be increased if, by means, there are holidays or weekends.

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